Be Conscious of the Unconscious

Take a moment right now and observe your thoughts

What are you thinking about? Are there ideas you’re mulling around in the back of your mind? Perhaps you’re mildly aware of something you need to do later on. These and all of your daily thoughts are conscious thoughts—things that represent about 5% of what drives you.

The other 95% - That comes from your unconscious. This includes patterns, habits, fears, limitations, and even memories that you’re no longer aware of but remain stored in your mind.

This unconscious influence is a powerful motivator. It’s also a powerful detractor

I’ve met with a few fascinating people who dream of writing a book one day. They have brilliant ideas, storylines, and even self-help strategies that could inspire thousands of readers. But they’ve never actually started writing that book. Why? Their unconscious beliefs are limiting them.

Perhaps they don’t think they’re smart enough or interesting enough. They may be fearful of success or the way their life might change. When they’re asked why they haven’t written that book yet, they may not have an honest answer ready. The unconscious is tricky, sometimes hard to identify and even harder to change.

But we should be conscious of our thoughts to enable us to address and change our unconscious if we are to achieve the greatness that we are designed for! One of the most powerful ways to do this is by journalling. Some people love to handwrite in a notebook. Others prefer to type into a document on their computer or phone, or even dictate and then listen back to what they’ve said.

Create a daily discipline and stick with it

See how it feels, observe what’s happening in your body with your energy, have complete awareness of your thoughts and feelings. There is no right or wrong way or method. I suggest you start by writing a few things that you really desire. Go ahead, put words to that longing that you’ve been nurturing.

Then, write any thoughts that come to mind about why you haven’t realised that desire yet. You might begin with the phrase ‘I’m afraid’ or ‘I’m worried’. Write whatever comes to mind—even if it seems a bit silly. It is your ‘belief system’ that will surface (I will blog about this next month), your own beliefs, the beliefs of your parents, your personal life challenges are all part of the beliefs that are embedded so deeply within your unconscious. The writing of these, whilst may feel therapeutic for some, is actually the beginning of the journey from the unconscious to the conscious. You’ll probably surprise yourself with a few of these answers!

it’s time to let them go

Take one last look at those answers because it’s time to let them go. These are not the things that empower you. They don’t serve you. Cross them out one at a time and use the power of the mind to imagine sweeping them out of your mind for good.

Now, begin to write your new beliefs. Perhaps things like ‘I am an excellent writer’, ‘my book will be a success’, ‘people’s lives are positively impacted when they read my words’, ‘success will give me opportunities to do good things’… etc.

Your goal is to create these new beliefs and bring them into your reality by rewiring your unconscious. Don’t just write words, feel them, meditate on them, imagine each word becoming your reality, breathe them into existence, do this every day and even a few times throughout the day.

This entire process is a beautiful journey. First, you created awareness to your conscious thoughts. Then, you brought forth the unconscious thoughts that hold you back. After writing about these and visualising them being swept away, you created your new beliefs, powerful and energising conscious thoughts.

The success of this is by doing two things:

(1) use your intuition, feel, imagine, breathe and meditate
(2) repeat, repeat, repeat, only with repetition can you rewire your unconscious and create the shift you desire!
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