Move Through Life with Purpose

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

“Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.”
Jalaluddin Rumi

Living a life with purpose. It sounds like a noble goal, but is it achievable? Can someone consistently end their day with a smile, saying ‘I did what I was meant to do today’?

Yes! And the secret to moving through life with purpose is tucked into the quote from Rumi. Purpose is intrinsically connected to passion—Rumi calls it the ‘desire for that work’. What is your passion? What makes your heart beat with excitement and desire? When you define this passion, your purpose can flow.

Passion is deeply personal. It may be revealed through someone’s careful observations of you, but it can only be confirmed by what you know to be in your heart. It’s so easy (actually too easy) to pick a purpose in life that doesn’t align with your passion:

“You’re good at math. You should be an engineer.”

“You’re a woman, of course you’ll stay at home and raise your children.”

“You need a career that pays the bills.”

“I’m paying your tuition so you can get a real job.”

The universe needs you to live out your passion

So much pressure to do what other people expect. And yet, more than anything else, the universe needs you to live out the passion that has been put in your heart! Sure, anyone can appear to be a success by doing everything that’s expected of them from a wordly perspective.

But dear people, there is something much, much better for you.

Find a quiet space, place your worries outside that space, and answer some questions straight from your spirit:

What do I love?

What makes me feel inspired? Fulfilled?

Who do I want to help? Why?

What energises me?

The answers to these questions will help you identify your passion. As this develops, you can take the next steps to move through life with purpose.

Turn your passion into a wildly successful career

Bill Gates’ passion was computers. Walt Disney’s passion was drawing. Debbi Fields’ passion was baking cookies. All turned their passions into wildly successful careers. But I’m more interested in the ‘success’ stories that may never hit mainstream media:

-The passionate writer who loves helping entrepreneurs turn their thoughts into compelling content

-The fitness instructor who uses their passion for exercise to empower people to become strong

-The high school English teacher who uses her passion for reading to help her students step into the world of fiction

-The engineer whose passion for detailed design helps companies save money and the planet with more efficient building systems

Passion is the fuel that drives purpose

It’s like the gas in a car. Without passion, people are running on empty, influenced by fear and doubt instead of the confidence that they are doing what they are meant to do.

Passion gives people the energy to push through challenges as they move through life with purpose. It improves focus, gives internal feedback rather than external (from other people), and makes you personally accountable for your choices.

Find your ‘particular work’—the thing that Rumi was talking about back in the 13th century, and you’ll have identified your purpose.

I know from my own experience that once you begin living your purpose, your life is fulfilled, meaningful, and joyful.

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