"My purpose is help people transform exponentially by shifting their mindsets, and awakening their authentic power to create the future they want and fulfil their soul's desires"

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Hi I'm Surinder


After spending more than 20 years in the corporate world, the time was right to step into a new direction and fulfil my purpose. Something about having an extreme sense of freedom and returning to my authentic self felt refreshing.​

Whilst the opportunities within the corporate world, elevated me to a worldly 'next level' my intuition was whispering that I had much more potential.  I needed to step out, be seen, shine my light and share my message, so I could live a life of use to others.


The working environment I had been in was restrictive, my light within was constantly being dimmed,  I felt visibly invisible, was held back from promotions while male colleagues were given bigger opportunities. I tolerated being spoken to with disrespect and experienced many things that diminished my sense of value.

At the same time, there were some beautiful and kind people who were like family to me, and leaders that appreciated my work and valued my contribution.  A predictable work environment and job security made it difficult to choose to step out of my comfort zone.


After much reflection, I realised that rather than procrastinating about the future, I wanted to CREATE IT.  In the end, I had to make choice and I chose ME.​

Inner Work

I spent a considerable amount of time over the years on my 'inner work', I engaged with renowned Guru's and Teachers  who were experts in working with the mind, quantum flow and the energetic field. Through this I levelled up, and gained a deeper understanding of my paradigms, and how to rewire these for success.  I expanded my awareness, moved away from linear thinking to quantum thinking and learned how to align myself to the same frequencies as my passion so that I may serve my purpose.​

I created a daily discipline so I am always connected to my higher divine self and channel my energy and thoughts through this quantum field.  As I traveled along this journey, I embraced every experience to the fullest, faced my fears, took back my power, cleared my energy, removed chaos and gained new insights.  Each and every day the universe continues to reveal more to me for which I am eternally grateful.

A Focused Purpose


My purpose is to serve humanity and help each of you transform exponentially by shifting your mindsets, and awakening your authentic power to create the future you want - this, in turn, fulfils your soul.

My passion is to create awareness to individuals and organisations on leading with authenticity and creating powerful relationships that not only grow your business exponentially but increases employee engagement levels, and help individuals to access their dreams and let go of what is holding them back while understanding and harnessing their emotions to create the life they want.

Dream BIG, everything is Created Twice

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