Inspiring The Path To Awakened Leadership

Leading With The Heart & Mind

Embrace the fullness of your heart & mind while elevating your success in all areas of life, with the power of the Quantum Field

In this unique approach to Transformative Coaching, you will:

  • Become a conscious leader, acting from a place of alignment and harmony between heart and mind
  • Learn to use the power of alignment to bring the shift needed to create impact in your career or personal life
  • Embark on a journey where you awaken your truest potential and embody your inner mastery
  • Be supported to bring clarity to your vision while identifying the blocks that are holding you back mentally
  • Be able to create impact through understanding the frequency your Thoughts & Feelings
  • Be held accountable for the actions you need to take to propel you forward
  • Begin to transform your thinking process from linear (limited) to Quantum (openness)
  • Learn how to transform goals into reality by thinking and feeling the results
  • Understand the difference between leading from a state of expansion versus contraction
  • Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be
  • Create powerful alignment with intentions that quickly manifest your desired outcomes within your life or organisation
  • Place a deep focus on shifting paradigms, to accelerate progression
  • Raise your level of awareness of the unlimited potential available to you within the Quantum Field
  • Enable you to realize your deepest potential and step into your inner wisdom and infinite power

A Leader In The Field of Influence

Would you like to Influence the room, simply by being YOU?

Emit and radiate charisma into every conversation you have?

Believe in the power of your own authenticity?

In this coaching experience, I will show you how to upgrade and expand your energy to unleash the leader within.

Our nervous system produces a scientifically measurable phenomena called Biophotons.

Biophotons consist of 2 types of energy:

Electric Energy

Created in your brain

Magnetic Energy

Created from your heart.

Together, they express themselves as an infectious charisma and irresistible persuasion which manifests things you hardly believed possible – FASTER than you ever thought possible!

Individuals  I Coach are ready to:

  • Be fully committed in their transformation
  • Come to the programme with an open mind and heart
  • Are ready to rewire their internal blocks into their greatest gifts and talents
  • Be willing to do the deep inner work to get to know ‘themselves’
  • Become the version of themselves that automatically impacts others
  • Overcome the inner resistance of their next levels in leadership
  • Be fully present and available
  • Move beyond their fears and limitations
  • Awaken the leader within

Hold more energy, confidence and power to upgrade every area of your life

If you are ready to embody your highest purpose and truest potential, choose a package and Join Surinder on your transformational journey.

For Extraordinary Leaders & Entrepreneurs
One to One Deep Coaching
9-12 month Journey

For those leaders of this world who are driven by their passion to impact their organisations or the world in a bigger and more meaningful way.

As a Leader you seek acceleration in your career and personal life and are ready and committed to do the work that will not only empower but elevate you to your next levels of leadership.

We will use your passion to fuel your transformation and shape you into a brilliant business leader or successful entrepreneur that you were destined to become.

If you are ready to embark on this journey where you will awaken your true potential and embody your inner mastery, join Surinder on a 9-12 month journey in:-

  • 1 x Transformation Deep Dive Zoom Call or In‑Person where possible per month (90mins)
  • Unlimited access via email and watsapp
  • Access to extra calls where required
  • Accountability Access
Deep Dive Intensive
Accelerated Deep Dive Coaching
3-6 month Journey

You who have a powerful message to share with the world or your organization.

You are ready to embody your true purpose and start creating abundance in the process.

You are a leader who is already creating change in the world

You are starting to find your purpose and have a big call in helping humanity evolve

You may have a project or goal that would like to bring to life or you are about to embark on a new role that requires a higher version of yourself.

If you are ready go deep and fast, and accelerate your goals, you will join Surinder on this 3-6 month journey in:

  • 3 x Transformation Deep Dive Zoom Calls or In-Person where possible, per month (up to 90mins Each)
  • Unlimited access via email and watsapp
  • Access to extra calls where required and approved
  • Accountability Access
Group Coaching
Its Your Time To Rise
6 month Journey

Individuals will experience a ‘mindset shift’ that will empower them to forge ahead in their own journeys to support them on their path to progression within their organizations

Increase their level of awareness of what holds them back from moving forward and the steps needed to overcome these limitations

Improve their connection with themselves and with others through Heart & Mind Coherance

Organizations will:

  • Experience a higher level of engagement from the Individuals
  • Be provided with initial feedback (group summary) from the first round of coaching sessions along with an engagement score
  • Be provided with an overall feedback from the final round of coaching sessions along with recommendations to ensure sustainability and momentum

The difference is not only in strategy but also in

Deep inner work

If you are you ready realize your deepest potential and step into your inner wisdom and infinite power, then connect with me for the ultimate transformational journey!

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