The Phenomenal Woman


To achieve the shift in gender diversity, We must change the way we think and feel, as Women will rise

Whether you are an Executive, Leader, Entrepreneur, Graduate or simply a woman
with a mission, this is for you!

Experience shifts that will lead you to transform into The Phenomenal Woman you are meant to be!

Lead with purpose and consciously define the path you desire!

The Phenomenal Woman

“A program that works from the inside out”

Supporting Gender Diversity

UNSDG 5: Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls


Empowering Phenomenal Women to Lead

  • Yes….Challenge the status quo! Taking conscious steps towards promoting gender diversity in your organisation will support in the retention of Talented Women Leaders.
  • Invest in their development by offering programmes that will support them to unleash their potential and own their power.
  • Create a shift in your organisation by preparing women to step into a Leadership and Executive roles.
  • Embed a women empowerment culture by promoting participation of ALL women onto the programmes, thereby creating a shift on a larger scale.


Preparing The Next Generation of Women Leaders

  • Investing in the Empowerment of young women in parallel to higher education will accelerate the path to excellence.
  • Young Women Leaders will enter careers with an awareness that moves them beyond expectations.
  • Forging new paths and insights that support women empowerment and gender diversity earlier in careers.
  • A safe supportive environment where young women can engage in powerful discussions, learn to use the mind as a power tool and find their inner voice.
  • Shifting perceptions and moving past mental blocks to allow the emergence of The Phenomenal Woman.

«Creating a shift so powerful that the glass ceiling ceases to exist»

Archetype Of The Phenomenal Woman

The Phenomenal Woman owns her power, she embraces her life in flow and harmony, she influences the room and every conversation just by being herself. She is a visionary, fearless and knows that there is this invisble force / power available to her.

The Phenomenal Woman radiates love, Joy and confidence, she navigates herself well in all environments. She is courageous and embraces challenges with ease and grace as she paves the way for the future Phenomenal Women

The Phenomenal Woman loves to dream big and is ambitous, determined to rise and allows nothing to stand in the way of her achieving her dreams. She is a soulful woman, authentic in everyway and empowers other women to step into their power.

Igniting the impact from the inside

Learning information is great but the goal is TRANSFORMATION which begins from the INSIDE. The intention for this unique programme, is for every woman to harness her power and achieve self-mastery over her mind to accelerate in leadership positions

Having worked with women across the world and from diverse backgrounds, it is evident that a shift in mindset is paramount along with a need to go beyond what is known and be greater, grander in ones consciousness.

Women need to be themselves, lead with authenticity and have the power to influence decisions at every level. The Phenomenal Woman programme will create the impact at the core and ripple across all domains.

The Journey To Owning Their Power Starts Here!

The participant will:

  • Understand the Mind and how to use this as a power tool.
  • Be aware of the importance of Heart & Mind Coherance
  • Learn how to rewire thier brain with awareness of neuroplascity
  • Be cognizance of the beliefs, patterns and paradigms that hold them back
  • Delve into their relationship with themselves and become aware of what serves them and what does not serve them.
  • Do the deep inner work that will lead them to revealing their authentic self.
  • Recalibrate their energy so that, both the masculine and feminine energies are harmonious.
  • Begin to embrace and embody their inner power with the clarity and confidence that The Phenomenal Woman holds!
  • Discover much much more……..

Benefits for participants

  • Embody The Phenomenal Woman as you would want to be seen
  • Feel connected to their purpose and will create from a place of wholeness
  • Own their transformation and create the opportunties they seek
  • Own their power and accelerate performance and business impact
  • Embody confidence as a superpower and be unstoppable in everything they do
  • Creativity will flow into their work, business and into every aspect of their life
  • Awareness in all aspects will be amplified along with their sense of clarity and focus
  • Define their own leadership identity that leaves a legacy inspiring future women leaders
  • Be part of a community of Empowered Women

The programme will be delivered through diverse learning activities

  • Live event and/or online to support covid19 restrictions
  • Interactive and participative aspects designed to accelerate internal shifts
  • Opportunities to connect with peers in breakout rooms and share insights
  • Be cognizance of the beliefs, patterns and paradigms that hold them back
  • A physical part to the programme with some fun light activities to enhance the experience
  • Self reflections and journaling will be a key part to the programme with some pre/post work required
  • Group Coaching & Mentoring Sessions on key topics to support the integration of the learning

Sustaining the journey to Transformation

Following the completion of the programme, participants will be:

  • Invited to three Group Coaching Sessions over a period of 6 months to share insights, action taken and feedback on next steps.
  • Will be encouraged to continue with the inner work predominately in the form of journaling on reflections and new levels of awareness received as a result of the Programme and Group Coaching. They maybe asked to share these to the group, where appropriate.
  • Invited to join a private facebook group for the community of The Phenomenal Woman participants, where they can engage, network, share insights on their journey.
  • Invited to join ‘The Phenomenal Woman's’ Breakfast Club

«Take ownership and really embody the greatness of who you are»

Sai Maa
Paving the way

For Women in Leadership

The UAE had the highest number of women on Forbes' 100 Most Powerful Arab Businesswomen in 2020 with 23 Emirati women on the list.

As per a report published by McKinsey, In the United Kingdom, greater gender diversity on thesenior-executive team corresponded to the highest performance uplift in their data set: for every10 percent increase in gender diversity, EBIT rose by 3.5 percent.

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Global Gender Gap Report lists the UAE as a «leader in promoting gender equality in the Middle East»

This is just the beginning!

Women Leaders will be at every table, with the power to influence!

If you are ready to create the shift in gender diversity, let’s have a chat!

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«Live your life with an illuminated mind»

Sai Maa